Funkins Fans

Keera Anton

"Ok so this is our first time at a table and we are sooooo happy it went so well! It is definitely because of your placemats. He was so into it he sat and ate his entire meal. "

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Natasha Shah

"Elina loves her Ninja mask because it's adjustable which helps it from slipping off🤺and I love knowing shes staying safe while at school." 😷🎒

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Breanna Reaume

"One of my New Year’s resolutions is to live a cleaner, greener lifestyle and implement eco-friendly products into my daily routine. I'm SO glad I discovered Funkins to help me do just that!"

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Becky Chan

"She absolutely loves all ur products. My colleagues saw me using the placemat today at work and already asking where i got them."

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Brandi Jennings

"Thanks for making lunchtime fun again, Funkins 🙌🏻 and for making cleanup super easy! Kiddo and mom approved!"

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Laura Belle

Laura Belle of @blondebellebabyshell rocking our dinosaur mask!

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Aleasia Aria

"Though these are originally intended to be re-useable placemats & napkins, we used them to protect our island & to ensure a quick clean up after some painting fun🎨 Into the washer they went, then good as new☺️"

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"My daughter and I love to use our Funkins placemats not only for meal times, but also for messy crafts and baking projects. The designs are visually enticing and they do a great job of keeping our work surfaces tidy. My little one especially loves the mermaid print products!"

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Rachel Corinne Irons

"Liam and London can be pretty messy, and our regular, decorative placemats do not wash well at all. The Funkins do! They come in a lot of different patterns, like ninjas, dinosaurs, and mermaids, so the kids are actually excited to use them. London even likes to use them as a blanket for her baby dolls! Haha. They have matching cloth napkins, too, which are a great way to join the #zerowastemovement and avoid going through a roll of paper towels during every meal."

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Andrea Marano

"They are ADORABLE. I love the prints!"

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Kellie Daniel

"Living in CA, I'm at the beach often. I hate using paper bags and creating more waste in our world. Plus, who wants sandy food? I love that my Funkins hibiscus lunch bag has an easy-to-use zipper as well as keeps my food cold/warm. I can't wait to take some snacks and drinks to the beach this summer in STYLE thanks to Funkins!"

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Tammy Andric

The boys LOVE their shark masks!!

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