Reusable and Eco-friendly
Since 2011

At Funkins, we believe it is our responsibility to instill environmental values in our children - and for us, it starts in their lunchbox.

Bright and Fun

Our products brighten up our children's lunch tables and make clean up easier.

One of a Kind

Unique playful patterns for your one of a kind kids.

Washable and Reusable

Napkins, placemats, masks and lunch bags, can be washed and reused


Lisa Baumgartner

Hi, I'm Lisa. Like many mom entrepreneurs, I founded Funkins after seeing a need in my own family's life. When my son was little, his Montessori preschool required children to bring in a waste-free lunch, including a cloth napkin. ⁣Our regular napkins were far too big for a toddler lunch box and school lunch table, so I set out to buy child-sized cloth napkins—of course, I was looking for something cute and fun for my little one! 

After much searching for kid's cloth napkins, without any luck, ⁣I decided to make my own using bright fabrics and fun patterns.⁣ We have been going strong since 2011 and as we grow, our vision stays the same. We are always working towards building a healthy environment through these sustainable products and building a brighter future — and lunchtime — for our children.

Our Team

Danielle Lewis

Branding and Print design

Nathalie Amlani

Brand Strategy and Photography

Erin Dean Williams

Brand Strategy and Web Design

Tanya Laporte

Graphic Design

Kellie Daniel

Social Media Strategist

Megan Munro

Supply Chain Management
and Sourcing

Our Partners

These collaborative relationships continue to contribute to the growth of our company.

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