NEW Funkins Minky Fabrics

We are so excited to be partnering with premium Canadian textile manufacturer JN Harper to debut a collection of whimsical minky prints, coming this spring to Canadian fabric stores! 

JN Harper has taken the popular Funkins characters and created minky fabric that complement our existing Funkins line of children’s lunch boxes, dishware, napkins, placemats, and more. 
Minky fabric is similar to fleece and is frequently used for blankets, throw pillows, and quilt backing. It’s softer and warmer, made from polyester fibers. It’s a cuddle waiting to happen and great for baby blankets! 
JN Harper and Funkins Ballerina Minky FabricJN Harper and Funkins Koala Minky FabricJN Harper and Funkins Construction Minky FabricFunkins Mermaid Minky Fabric

JN Harper is a 4th generation Canadian family business founded in 1924 by JN Harper. Its origins were in men’s wear fine fabrics for suits and coats. In the 1970’s and 80’s, Ralph Harper together with his son Gary expanded into women’s apparel fabrics as well as the cotton craft business. As the company entered its 8
th decade in the early 2000’s Michael and Megan, Gary’s children joined the business, expanding the cotton business to where it is today. 
JN Harper now converts and distributes fabrics ranging from fine women’s apparel, exquisite shirting’s, and a full range of interfacings and quilt cottons. JN Harper is known for distributing the finest quality quilting lines the industry has to offer.
Get ready - minky prints will be all the rage for crafters this spring in Canada!

Funkins and JN Harper Minky Fabric

So far, you can buy Funkins Minky prints from;
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