Creative Ways to Get Your Kiddos To Eat Healthy

It can be tricky to get your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. They may struggle with new or strange foods, especially if they are hard or chewy. If you notice that your little one strays away from nuts, leafy greens, and other healthy snacks, don’t fret; Establishing a healthy diet isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s important to instill healthy habits on a consistent basis, so it turns more into a lifestyle than a chore. 

Continue reading for some helpful tips to get your kiddos healthy diet established:

Colorful Foods

We all know our little ones can be picky. We suggest adding some bright colors to grab their attention and encourage them at the same time! Pick up some apples, kiwis, watermelon, bananas, peaches, and oranges — any healthy fruit that your kiddo would enjoy; Then, you can slice them up and make a rainbow art piece to satisfy not just their eyes, but also their belly! Instead of getting the traditional carrots at the store, get the rainbow carrots. Don’t be afraid to improvise; every kid is different. The creativity is what makes snack time so exciting! 

Fun Shapes and Creations

We’ve all heard that playing with food is sometimes frowned upon, but you can make an exception for your kids to get them to eat healthy, right? Pinterest and Instagram are full of these fun creations. An easy one for starters is the classic Apple Car.” To make the “Apple Car,” you’ll need toothpicks, grapes (whatever kind you prefer), and an apple (any variety). Follow these three easy steps to make your own.

  1. You’ll want to cut the apple into slices 
  2. Skewer your apple with the toothpicks in the front and back like the axel of a car. 
  3. You’ll want to add your grapes to the axels to complete the car. 

Another great idea is to use cookie cutters for cutting your kiddo’s PB&J, or other sandwiches. There are plenty of different shapes and sizes of cookie cutters out there, so feel free to use whatever your kid likes the most. Using a cookie-cutter beats that dull circle or square shape that most kids consume, and you don’t have to worry about cutting off the crusts.

Ninja Apples are another awesome way to get your kid to look forward to healthy snacks! For this craft, you’ll need googly eyes (preferably with an adhesive back), a ribbon, and a spoon. 

  1. Tie the ribbon around the apple like a headband
  2. Stick the googly eyes to the ribbon
  3. Use your spoon to impress a smirk on the apple where the mouth would go. 

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